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Why Vacuum Excavation is the Best Option for Works on Your Site

If your project requires precise underground digging or excavation on site, non-destructive digging (NDD) is the ideal solution. Also known as hydro excavation or vacuum excavation, NDD is used widely across both residential and commercial sites. 

Our fleet of vacuum trucks are fitted with specialised equipment and qualified operators who have extensive experience digging across a range of situations and purposes, from telecommunications pits to stormwater cleaning and everything in between.

So whether you’re in need of fast and efficient digging and precise excavation on your current project, or are looking ahead at what’s coming up, read on to learn more about vacuum excavation and its capabilities.


What is non-destructive digging?

Non-destructive digging involves the removal of materials, both small and large, from existing holes and surfaces on site. Both hydro and vacuum excavation are types of non-destructive digging, and both work in a similar way, however hydro uses a water jet to break up larger debris before sucking it out. Anything from small particles to heavy debris can be removed safely and precisely, even when they are located in hard to reach places or are surrounded by existing underground services.

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When is it used?

Vacuum excavation is ideal for any job where debris needs to be removed or where access space needs to be exposed in order to complete work. It is widely used on both residential and commercial work sites, as well as on civil projects and in public spaces. It is the preferred method thanks to the speed, efficiency and minimal impact the technique has on the site and surrounds. Our vac trucks and operators are commonly found working on tasks such as telecommunications pit removal, new service installations, asset locations, dewatering, potholing, site cleans, stormwater pit cleaning, leaf and debris clean-up and for directional drilling mud and dirt removal.


Why choose non-destructive digging for your next project?

With non-destructive digging, you have the ability to safely clear space in areas where underground utilities or natural assets such as tree roots are present. It can also be a more cost-effective solution, due to the speed, efficiency and reduced labour involved. On top of this, vacuum excavation is far less invasive than traditional digging and excavation methods, which means less mess and a neater finish.

Our fleet includes vacuum trucks ranging from 3000lt to 4500lt spoil capacity, and our operators are ready to roll to your site.

You can download our pricing guide here, or head to the booking form to make a booking online. You can also get in touch with our team directly on 03 8592 8100 or via email customerservice@mcsconnect.com.au.

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