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Will You Need Traffic Management for Your Next Project or Event?

If your upcoming project or event is located close to a road, chances are you’ll need to include some form of traffic control in your planning. 

Failure to meet all the relevant safety and compliance requirements can result in hefty fines or serious injury to your team or the public, so seeking expert advice is a must to be sure your worksite is safe.

Knowing where to start and identifying the right steps to take to meet council and road authority requirements can be challenging. So, to help you understand exactly what you need, we’ve put together this article that outlines the critical steps when organising traffic control for your project.

When is traffic management required?


While different states and territories have slightly different rules, if you are working on or alongside a road, you will likely need traffic management of some description. All traffic management works that affect foot or road traffic require a statutory authorisation from the relevant governing body. Depending on the size and location of the road or pathway this will be either the local Council, state road authority, or sometimes both. 

In Victoria for example, if your work or event site is located along a major road you will need both VicRoads approval in the form of a Memorandum of Authorisation (MoA) as well as local Council permits. It is essential that you are absolutely clear from the start which permits and authorisations you require, and how long they will take to obtain, to make sure your works or event can begin on time and be safe for everyone.

What level of traffic management do you need?


Traffic management comes in all shapes and sizes, from the strategic placement of road safety signs to simply notify drivers and pedestrians of works, to more complex interventions such as lane closures or speed reductions. To determine the level of traffic management required, it’s best to speak to an expert. 

At MCS Traffic, we’ll start by asking you some questions about your project or event to get a clear understanding of the location and activity. We’ll also check your timings to be sure the permits will be in place to meet your deadlines. From there, we can let you know exactly what you need. 

Which level of service do you need?


Once you know the plans, permits and traffic control you require, you can decide on which services you will engage your traffic management partner for. For example, we offer different levels of service to suit a range of needs including: 

  • Plans – preparation of professional Traffic Management Plans ready for submission
  • Permits – assistance in preparing and submitting the correct compliance documents
  • Personnel and equipment – when all you need is trained professionals and equipment
  • Full project management – end to end service, from plans to personnel and equipment.

If you’re unsure which is the right option, talk to our customer service team for friendly advice. You can also request a quote online or download our pricing for individual services on our website.

Don’t risk non-compliance—get the right advice

Whether your worksite or event is large or small, and whether it runs for a few hours or many months, it is so important to make sure every aspect of your traffic management is compliant. Because if you fail to do so, not only do you put yourself and your organisation at serious risk of hefty fines and penalties, you also risk the health and safety of your people and the general public.

Like to know more about our traffic management capabilities? Contact our traffic management team for expert advice on 03 8592 8130.

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