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Traffic Management Plans, Permits and Coordination in Victoria Made Easy

Arranging traffic management in Victoria is a process that involves obtaining the right plans, permits and authorisation, as well as finding the right team to coordinate traffic on site. With so many variables on the type of works, site location and conditions, and the impact on traffic the works will have, it’s no wonder that it can be difficult to work out exactly what you need to facilitate your project. 

Whether you’ve organised traffic management in the past, or you're navigating your way through the process for the first time, it’s likely you’ll need help with one or more aspects to comply and complete the work safely. 

So in this article we explain the ins and outs of traffic management plans, permits and coordination in Victoria so you can work out where to start, what to do and when you need help.

Traffic management permits


All traffic control works on Victorian roads that alter road conditions require a permit or statutory authorisation to control road or pedestrian traffic. Sourcing the correct compliance documentation is an absolute must in order to meet council or VicRoads requirements and comply with OH&S guidelines for your team and the public. While you can contact the relevant road authority directly for advice to find out what you need and how to apply, getting in touch with a trusted traffic management partner who can advise and source the correct compliance documentation for you will streamline the process and give you certainty that you have what you need to take the next step.

Traffic Management Plans


If you need to close a road for any reason, whether it is due to on site works being conducted alongside the road or footpath, to provide access for deliveries to your worksite or business, or to facilitate public events, you must have a Traffic Management Plan (TMP). Your TMP needs to tick all the required boxes to comply, and must show the physical structure of any proposed alterations to traffic flow, as well as a scope of works that shows where vehicles, personnel and equipment will be positioned to ensure safety. It must also list details of insurance (public liability and indemnity), and show both the safe work method statement and site specific job safety analysis. Including all of this information is essential for safety and compliance, which is why the TMP must be prepared by a qualified person. The team at MCS can help with this on an individual basis or as part of a full service plan.

Traffic coordination


There’s no doubt that good management and planning is required to get any work done safely on site, and with vehicles and pedestrians directly affected by traffic control, it’s not worth taking any chances. To ensure the safety of your team and the public, it’s critical that you partner with the right team to deliver your traffic coordination on the ground. Any potential issues can result in personal injury, a damaged reputation or financial loss, so make sure you choose qualified and ticketed personnel who have the right signage and equipment and plenty of experience. The MCS team have the latest equipment, are trained and knowledgeable and possess all the relevant traffic control tickets and licences, so we can assist with projects across all locations, in all conditions, day and night. 

Traffic control is easy when done right

When it comes to traffic control, getting the right advice from the start will ensure a safe and hassle-free project. At MCS, we can assist with each of the above measures separately, or we can help with a full service plan that covers you from start to finish.

If you need advice or assistance with traffic control on your upcoming project, MCS Traffic can help. Get in touch with our team on 03 8592 8130 to enquire or jump online to request a quote or to download pricing.

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