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3 Easy Steps to Telecommunications Compliance for Subdivisions

Are you an owner, developer, surveyor or project manager working on a subdivision? Getting your new dwellings NBN-ready is now an essential step in the process of achieving project completion and your certificate of occupancy so your new tenants can move in. However, if technology and telecommunications is not your strong point, it can be daunting tackling this step on your own.

The good news is that when you partner with the right team, achieving telecommunications compliance on your subdivision can be simple. So, to help you get this aspect ticked off faster, easier and with less stress, we’ve broken it down into three simple steps, and shared our top tips on achieving compliance faster below.

Step 1: Design


The design stage involves getting the ball rolling by submitting the New Developments Application, and preparing all the necessary plans. At this point, timing is critical to be sure you avoid unnecessary delays. Often, those working through the process for the first time are caught out by the amount of time NBNco can take to review and approve the application, so make sure you allow a minimum of three months between the lodgement date and your expected project completion date for two-lot subdivisions, and six months for larger developments. 

Another potential issue some encounter is delays due to inaccurate information on the application. It’s essential all information provided is 100% correct and that your plans are submitted in the specified format. To keep things moving, you will also need to respond to any requests for action from NBNco asap, such as paying your invoice or providing additional information, so be sure to monitor your inbox so nothing is missed. If you are feeling overwhelmed or are unsure about any part of the design stage, our team can help guide you in what needs to be done and/or manage aspects of this stage for you, for example, drafting your plans.

Step 2: Construct


When it comes to construction and installation of telecommunication services, specialised technical skills and knowledge are needed to be sure the works are completed exactly as shown on the approved plans. This aspect can be outsourced to a suitably experienced telecommunications contractor like MCS Connect, or may be completed by experienced and qualified personnel on your team if available.

It’s really critical that the works are completed exactly as shown on the approved plans to achieve compliance. Any works that don’t meet the high standards and strict requirements of NBNco will need to be rectified, and this can be seriously costly, not to mention blow out your project time frames. It is always best to be safe and get the job done right first time by someone (like MCS) who will guarantee the work will be compliant.

Step 3: Comply

NBN Router 2

Achieving compliance is the final step, which will see you receive Forms 1 & 2/VC81 compliance documentation, so you can receive your certificate of occupancy from council once you have working connections to each dwelling. Getting to this point comes down to an accurate design and timely application, along with precise construction works on site. Partnering with an experienced telecommunications contractor will help you to complete each step of the process without missing a beat, which makes achieving compliance faster and easier. 

Be confident every step of the way

While getting your properties NBN-ready can seem complicated, breaking it down into manageable steps and partnering with an experienced telecommunications contractor is a smart approach. At MCS Connect, we can assist with each step individually, or help you with the entire process, giving you complete confidence that every aspect and requirement will be ticked off competently the first time.

If you need advice or assistance with telecommunications on your upcoming project, MCS Connect can help. Get in touch with our team on 03 8592 8100 to enquire or jump online to request a quote or to download pricing.

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