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The What, Why and How of VC81 Compliance Documentation for Your Subdivision

If you’re managing a new subdivision, gaining all the necessary approvals from council, road authorities, utilities and telecommunications is an essential step towards gaining compliance and your certificate of occupancy. However, each approval process can be time consuming and complicated. Telecommunications compliance in particular can be a real headache, which is why both first time and experienced property owners and developers often choose to outsource this aspect to a specialised telecommunications contractor.

When you have an understanding of what is involved in telecommunications compliance, you can make an informed decision on whether outsourcing to a contractor is the right choice for you. So, in this article we break down the why, what and how of getting your VC81 compliance documentation, so you can map out the best approach.

What is VC81 compliance documentation?

VC81 Compliance Documentation 3

Telecommunications regulations can vary from state to state, but in Victoria, the telecommunications compliance documents you will need for your subdivision or development are called VC81. Named after an amendment to the Victorian Planning Provisions in 2013 that was introduced to ensure new properties offer reliable telecommunications services to future tenants and homeowners, the VC81 documentation must be completed and submitted correctly and in a timely manner to receive approval and your certificate of occupancy from council.

Why do I need VC81 docs?

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These days, reliable telecommunications is now seen as an ‘essential’ service, and it is expected and legally required that your subdivision contains the required infrastructure and wiring to be NBN-ready for the new occupants. In 2020, the federal government updated the Telecommunications in New Developments policy which sets the requirements that ‘ready access to modern telecommunications, including broadband and voice services’ are available in all new dwellings. The VC81 docs are in place to ensure each new subdivision and development has ticked all the appropriate boxes, so that all that is required from the new tenants is to arrange connection from their chosen provider.

How can I get my VC81 docs the easy way?

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Whether this is your first subdivision or your tenth, the time, effort and specialised knowledge required to successfully prepare and submit your VC81 documents can be a real hassle when trying to juggle the many demands of your project. From preparing the paperwork to getting the plans drawn up in the correct format, collating and submitting the necessary information takes time and expertise to get it right. Just like you call in a plumber to sort out your pipes, or a sparky for your wiring, calling in some outside help on telecommunications is a smart move. Not only can you then put your focus and energy into other areas where your expertise is most needed, you can also rest assured that it is done right the first time, so you avoid unnecessary delays.

Get telecommunications compliance off your to-do list

As VC81 experts, we have been helping developers and homeowners with telecommunications compliance paperwork since it was first introduced, and our team has the experience and knowledge to handle the whole process without a hitch. From the drafting and documentation, right through to the telecommunications installations and wiring, you can count on us to get the job done to the highest possible standard in the fastest possible time. 

Contact us for a competitive quote and expert advice on how to get your telecommunications VC81 compliance paperwork completed the easy way. Get in touch on (03) 8592 8100 or lodge an online quote request today!

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