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3 Common Problems That Will Stop You Getting an NBN Connection on Your New Development

These days, as a developer, you’re responsible for providing telecommunications infrastructure to the properties you develop. If it’s your first time (or even if it’s not) it can be a little confusing. This is why many developers and builders engage our services early on to handle the process from start to finish.

Another benefit of partnering with a telecommunications contractor is you’ll have support and guidance if any issues arise. 

There are many situations throughout the process that can cause delays or slow things down if not handled correctly—but perhaps the most frustrating, is having the works complete and then being told you can’t get an NBN connection when you need it.

So, to help you avoid this issue, read on to learn 3 common problems that will stop you getting an NBN connection, plus our expert tips on how to sort it out.


Problem: Failure to allow the minimum time frame of 3–6 months that NBN needs to get the connection ready

A common reason we see developers unable to connect is because they have not allowed enough time between applying and entering into an agreement with NBN, and the move-in date for residents. For a small development, such as subdividing a lot into two residential units, the minimum time frame NBN suggests is three months—and for anything larger, the minimum is six months. It’s worth noting, NBN are not bound by these timings either, and while they’ll do their best, there is a chance your connection won’t always be ready within those suggested windows. 

Solution: To avoid the issue, we recommend you submit your application as soon as possible, to give yourself a little breathing space. If you find yourself in this scenario, unfortunately there is not a lot you can do other than sit tight and wait. In our experience, NBN stand firm on this and we are unfortunately unable to speed up the process or get around it.


Problem: Your retail service provider is unable to locate your address

If you’re developing a new property, there’s a chance the retail service provider may not be able to locate your address in their database. This will most likely be due to a change of ownership of the network where there has been no prior connection. 

Solution: This can be a tricky one to solve and get to the bottom of as it can require allocated addresses from council to be updated with NBN. As a specialised telecommunication contractor we have a solid understanding of the many intricacies and can look at your specific situation and offer advice on your options and assist you to get the information updated and the connection completed as soon as possible.


Problem: You have an outdated agreement in place with Telstra, but the infrastructure is now owned by NBN

While the copper-wire network that connects most Australian homes is owned by Telstra, as the NBN is being built and rolled out, NBN are taking over the lines in most areas. The multi-layered and constantly changing processes of NBN and Telstra systems are not only confusing, they can also put a spanner in the works for developers. If you have an outdated agreement in place, it will need to be updated before your connection can be completed.

Solution: As mentioned above, when you encounter these complex issues during your project, partnering with a telecommunications specialist is definitely worth its weight in gold. The benefit of having expert advice on hand to guide you through the steps needed to update the agreement and keep things moving will ensure any delays are kept to an absolute minimum.

Get connected faster with the right support

It’s no secret that connecting your new development to the NBN can throw up some challenges—but with the support of a telecommunications contractor, you can successfully navigate through any problems and get your connection completed faster and with less headaches.

If you have a question about the article, or would like to find out more about our services and how we can help, contact our friendly team for an obligation-free chat on 03 8592 8100.

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