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Is the Telecommunications in Your New Home Future-Ready?

These days, Australians are using technology at home for a huge range of purposes. Many of us now work from home, we stream our favourite TV shows around the clock, and online gaming is more popular than ever. On top of this there is a growing array of smart home technology that is now freely available and being adopted at a rapid pace, as we look for ways to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

None of this looks like slowing down. In fact, it’s highly likely that our technology use and reliance on fast, reliable internet and telecommunications services will continue to rapidly rise. So, what does this mean for developers and builders looking to design a future-ready home? 

Telecommunications must now be a key priority when designing and building new homes and multi-dwelling units, and they must be future-ready to satisfy the growing need for technology at home. Keeping up to date with the latest developments allows you to be sure you (and your tenants) are not getting left behind. So, read on to learn more and discover if the telecommunications in your new home is future-ready. 

Data points over TV points

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Data points are used to connect devices with a direct connection to the wi-fi, such as computers, TVs, game consoles and security systems. They are particularly useful for dwellings where your wireless system is not performing as well as you’d like. TV points on the other hand, allow you to connect your TV antenna cable directly to the wall to access free to air television. As more and more people watch TV via streaming services such as Foxtel and Netflix, data points rather than TV points are fast becoming the norm, so be sure to consider this when designing your internal electrical plan.

Mesh wi-fi

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Mesh wi-fi is a recent tech upgrade for homes, which is designed to eliminate dead spots and improve the coverage of wi-fi in larger homes. Mesh wi-fi operates from a central unit connected to the internet, as well as nodes which act as satellite units that receive the signal throughout your home. Unlike range extenders where you have to reconnect from room to room, mesh wi-fi runs off the same signal for seamless coverage. You can also manage functions via the app, making it easy to run your wi-fi optimally and keep your network secure.

Future usage requirements

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As we mentioned above, technology use at home is increasing at a rapid rate, so new homes must be built with robust telecommunications infrastructure to withstand the pressures of high use and the need for higher bandwidth. With telecommunications technology always evolving, keeping current on the latest developments requires time, knowledge and expertise that is highly specialised and out of the scope of many builders, developers and even electricians. Partnering with an experienced telecommunications contractor is the easiest way to be sure your new dwellings include the best available infrastructure so they are ready to perform optimally and meet the future needs of the occupants.

Is your development future-ready? 

It’s clear that technology is now an integral part of life, and every new home built must be future-ready to meet the expectations and needs of homeowners and tenants. So, if you’d like advice or guidance on how to make sure your new development ticks all the right telecommunications boxes, contact us on (03) 8592 8100 for expert advice today.

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